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Ogata Seeks Simplicity & Balance

"The culture of Japan is indispensable in a world seeking balance between mankind and nature."

Design philosopher and founder of design company Simplicity, Shinichiro Ogata has rediscovered the value of Japan's ancient traditions which he describes as:

"an acute sensibility and palate cultivated in an abundant yet severe natural environment; an aesthetic that can be generous or daring; an attitude towards craftsmanship that never spares any effort; wisdom of living a modest and simple life."

The award winning designer and founder of SIMPLICITY, Ogata has set out to redefine the next generation of Japanese culture and design.

"I continually strive to express this in my own way, through food, tableware and space. It is also what lies at the core of Simplicity and its activities today."

Ogata has developed his own SIMPLICITY brand, opened a Japanese dining club and tea house (Yakumo Saryo), a restaurant (HIGASHI-YAMA) in Tokyo, a confectionery brand (HIGASHIYA), and the product line S that includes tableware and packaging. Ogata is in demand for architectural, interior, product, graphic, and packaging design. In 2011, he completed the interior and spatial design for The University Museum, the University of Tokyo’s INTERMEDIATHEQUE and was appointed Affiliate Associate Professor. He released his first book, HIGASHIYA (Seigensha Art Publishing, Inc.) in 2015, and his second book, Jiki-fu in 2016 (University of Tokyo Press).

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