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A finalist in the prestigious Victorian Premiers Design Awards the JOMOsteel birdbath collection complements contemporary architecture and landscape design reflecting light, sky and clouds. Works can be scaled up for public spaces and placed strategically in a domestic garden they will attract birds in all seasons.

The JOMO design studio is located in East Gippsland, Victoria, a region of lakes, forests, rivers and mountains. Specializing in exterior design and furnishings JOMO chooses 3 ml stainless steel to withstand the Australian climate conditions and to capture the light in all seasons.

Birdbath designs are tested for their attractiveness to birds in the JOMO studio garden where Magpies, Cockatoos, Kookaburras, Rosellas, Pigeons and Eastern Spine Bills line up for the six star bathing experience. The birds plunge into the pools of water, clean their beaks in the perforated steel and flap about about in the daily ritual of bathing.

"My birdbaths are designed more for the birds but also with a view to complementing contemporary gardens and architecture. I wake up to the vista of birds squawking, the sparkle of polished steel and water, birds of various species drinking, bathing and airing their feathers. They seem to love the scale and luxury of the birdbaths!"

Architects and landscapers attuned to the biophilia hypothesis are naturally attracted to the strategic placement of water features for birds in the domestic garden, workplace, hospitals, courtyards and public spaces.

JOMO steel birdbaths and their fabrication is second to none. Jo has a network of quality metal suppliers and artisans with a range of technologies and systems. Dishes are formed in 3 -4 ml. thick marine grade steel and sit on a simple ring base. The curved sculptural bowl collects rainwater to a depth of 50 mls, ideal for birds to drink, dunk and bathe.

They form a bold sculptural focal point in garden and architectural settings.The simple, still, circle of water completes the design. It achieves a minimalism that is meditative in its impact.

This design wont change the world but it will help to slow it down and provide a sense of significant ‘well being’ for birds and mankind.

Words: Jo Moulton May 2107 Photos: Anne-Sophie Poirier, Sue McFall, Jo Moulton

Enquiries: JOMO Ph. 041 374 1426

'Winged Dish' Vineyard Mornington Peninsula Victoria

Winged Dish, Raymond Jungles Leading Modernist Landscape Designer, Miami, Florida

JOMOsteel Gallery

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