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"Our designs are scaffoldings for living organisms, human and others, to develop their own meaningful existence.”

As an art history scholar Thomas Doxiadis brings a nuanced sensibility to the layers of ancient myth and cultural rubble. There is a sculptural element of ‘land art’ in all his designs.

As a designer he taps into the naturalness of the Greek landscape; its ruins, textures, rocks, plants, trees, villages, goats and bucolic sounds.

As an architect there is a seamless quality to his work. The detailed research, drawings, planting, texturing and re-shaping that underpin each aspect of the rural or urban transformation remain concealed. The result is timeless: restoration of an ancient landscape as a place where people and culture can flourish.

The design for the Greek Archipelago Hotel Resort in Tinos in the Cycladic islands takes its form from the unique dovecotes (peristerones) nested into a system of terraces.

It captures the rhythm and character of the pigeon farming of this island. The villas and amenities are discretely tucked into the terraces like dovecotes and are graduated sideways down the slope allowing for viewing the Mediterranean Sea from an unusual sideways perspective.

The palette of colors merges with the olive trees, stones and native wild grasses. The existing terraces serve as a structuring element and the volumes interlock with them. Many of the uses are hidden behind the terrace walls, so that the remaining buildings that appear on the landscape are minimized.

The overall impact is exclusive and natural.

It provides guests with a connection to the gently terraced landscape and the unique traditions and culture of Tinos Island.

There is a deep respect for the layers of history, a conscious revival of native species, intricate interpretations of historic demarcations, a healthy respect for traditional agricultural practice and a strong empathy for Greek cultural traditions.


6 Apollonos Street, 10557 Athens, Greece

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