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August 8, 2017

"Our home planet Singapore....small but notoriously efficient city state... is the perfect Petri dish for a make-able future." WOHA

Permeable Lattice City Rendering by WOHA 2011

Stories: 69-462 (based on 1-6 tiers )

Green Plot Ratio: 460%
Community Plot Ratio: 250%
Civic Generosity Index: (5 thumbs up)
Self-Sufficiency Index: Energy: 100%;
Food: 100%; Water...

July 9, 2017

"The culture of Japan is indispensable in a world seeking balance between mankind and nature." 

Design philosopher and founder of design company Simplicity, Shinichiro Ogata has rediscovered the value of Japan's ancient traditions which he describes as:

"an acute sensibility and palate cultivated in an abundant yet severe natural environment; an aesthetic t...

July 1, 2017

"Our designs are scaffoldings for living organisms, human and others, to develop their own meaningful existence.”

As an art history scholar Thomas Doxiadis brings a nuanced sensibility to the layers of ancient myth and cultural rubble. There is a sculptural element of ‘land art’ in all his designs.

As a designer he taps into the naturalness of the Gre...

June 17, 2017

Ibis on the River Flat Acrylic on Board 40x40 cm (sold)

"I like to strip back to the bone - remove the superfluous"

"Brolga's dancing on paddocks covered with sheets of water and a profusion of frogs, 'plovers' and water rats " feature in Bain's earliest memories of his adolescence spent exploring swamps, lakes and sinkholes. He recollects " a consciousness...

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"Tunnel of Light" Kiyotsu Gorge, Japan Design: MAD Architects

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